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It all started as a simple question as to why my porch ceiling appeared to have mold on it. Called DWC and they sent Troy out to take a peek. After reviewing the porch roof he immediately noticed two things, no ventilation on that section of the roof and hail damage we didn't even know about. We apparently were gone when it occurred and nothing had begun to leak into the house. So we called our insurance adjustor and they met on site and determined hail was the culprit. Troy and the adjustor made fast work of getting a claim started and we were off and running. When the roofing crew showed up they removed both layers or shingles and put over 50 square of shingles back on in one day. It was a joy to watch as they performed their tasks. They found a couple of places where the roof had begun to show damages and quickly brought that to my attention so they could replace panels at the same time. New gutters and some facia board were also replaced soon after. All said and done we came in within the budget provided by the adjustor, and they added a porch ceiling ventilation option that doesn't look like you have a couple boxes sitting on your roof. We were very pleased with the timeline and the cost at the end of the project. Being a past certified project manager I was very impressed with Troy's ability to keep things moving and on-time and budget.
Mike M. of Franklin, IN
Monday, June 25th
A+ customer service. We had to have our roof, gutters, and garage door replaced after hail last April. Eric Voss worked with our insurance company to be sure we were taken care of and it made the whole process a breeze for us. All the work was high quality and completed quickly. Thanks for everything you’ve done and I’ll definitely be referring DWC to all friends and family in need.
J. O. of Greenwood, IN
Tuesday, December 19th
Our builder did a horrible design of our downspouts and gutter on the back of our house. DWC eliminated two of the elbows, installed a larger gutter and downspout. Every time it rained water would pour over our gutter on the back of our house. I figured the home builder put too small of gutters on the house and no matter who I would have come out would try to see me gutters for the entire house. Kevin Bowser came out the day after I called their office and asked what the problem was. I explained the situation and waited for him to put the hammer on us. Kevin actually said that it was an easy fix and that they would eliminate two of the elbows that had installed, replace a 10″ section of gutter with a larger one and also replace the downspout with a larger one. I said “that’s it?” and he said he needed to apologize because they have a minimum charge for any job of $200 and the cost to do this would only be $168 but he would have to charge me $200. I told him we were leaving for vacation in 5 days and I really wanted to have it done before we left. He asked what day we were leaving and  I said Wednesday. Kevin had two guys come out (he also stopped by to make sure everything was done to our liking) on Tuesday. It only took them 40 minutes and you would have never known they were here. All old parts gone and the new parts looked great. Haven’t had any problems since when it rains! Kevin, the two installers, and DWC… you really should give them a chance to earn your business.
T. W. of Indianapolis, IN
Tuesday, December 19th
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