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If you have high energy costs and notice that your home is too hot in the summer, improper attic ventilation could be to blame. DWC Roofing Company is a professional roofer in Central Indiana with experience installing roof vents and fixing attic ventilation problems. We install ridge vents and several types of roof vents. Our experts can recommend the best solution for your home.

How roof vents work

During hotter months, high temperatures in the attic can damage roof shingles and materials, leading to the need for roof repair or replacement. The heat in the attic can also put a greater demand on your cooling system. Poor ventilation can also cause mold and mildew in the attic. Roof vents allow heat in the attic to escape.

During winter months, roof vents allow cool air into the attic, which helps keep the roof surface cold and prevents the formation of ice dams. Ice damming occurs when snow melts and refreezes along the home's eaves. Ice dams are a common cause of water damage.

Attic ventilation options

The type of roof vents you need depends on a number of factors. Our roofing professionals can help you choose the best attic ventilation solution. Here are the options:

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Contact us today to learn more about how we can improve your attic ventilation with roof vents and solar fans. During your in-home consultation, our professionals will discuss all the roof vent benefits and options and recommend the best solution for your home. We will provide you with a free estimate on the cost of your roof ventilation project. We offer complete roof repair and replacement services in Indianapolis & Greenwood and surrounding areas in Indiana.

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